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You will find all positive alternatives, if you
check a thesaurus for the word, “JUST”. Why is it, then, that I see it
used as a negative putdown? Maybe it’s the tone of voice, a look, or a context.

I often hear people use the word, “Just”…

The Destructive Use of Percentages

 The Destructive Use of Percentages

I remarked that there are almost 100,000 children in
foster care in the UK. On top of that, there are 125,000 children being looked
after not by their birth parents but by other family members or friends.


And So…

 And So…

I arrive on
a small boat to the UK. Oh, dear, I have no documentation, so I must be illegal.
But I worked for the British in Afghanistan.

Well, did
you not know there is a form for people like you who are from Afghanistan that
you can f…

Language and the Lineker small boats debate

 Language and
the Liniker small boats debate


The great
pity of this debate is that it has concentrated on Linakers tweets rather than
the home secretaries words in Parliament. Words have power. Never forget that.
Words can inspire action …

Compassionate Conservatism

Compasionate Conservatism I must
confess that I had not heard this phrase for a long time. I thought it had been
given up. I was under the misapprehension that they had returned to that other
phase used by conservatives, the nasty party. Apparentl…


 BLACK OR WHITE   It is nice when people know what is right and wrong, black, or white, to do or not to do! Unfortunately, there are lots of shades of grey. It’s a great pity that the real world we live in is not, yes or no, up or down, right…


 TERRIBLE EVIL LEFT-WING SOCIALISTS.   I am tired of hearing, seeing reading about how awful these left-wing socialists are. I guess I should acknowledge that a lot of it comes from the Right Wing Press. I began to think about some of these t…


 PRIVATE LIVES ARE SEPARATE FROM PUBLIC LIVES? For many years I have been puzzled as to why people think high profile public personalities will be different at home than in the workplace. So, I hear things like, “Oh yes, he lies to his family, but…

Back to Babylon

 Back to Babylon It is interesting to look at history and track our political developments. If you look back to the old-world empires, Assyria, and Babylon, it is evident from a law point of view that the ruler, King (or whatever) had absolute pow…