Language and the Lineker small boats debate

The great pity of this debate is that it has concentrated on Lineker's tweets rather than the home secretaries words in Parliament.  Words have power.  Never forget that. Words can inspire action and deeds. Do you think that the riots in Merseyside? Do you believe that it has no connection with terms used by parliamentarians? If you feel that you are nieve in the extreme.

Words affect people and cause them to act accordingly. That is why the Home secretaries' words are so dangerous. Much like the former president of the USA claims that riots in the US have nothing to do with him.

So what was that dangerous rhetoric? Well, illegal to start with; It is only illegal if you are undocumented and don't claim asylum when you enter! We won't talk about those other unproven words implying that all fleeing are rapists and criminals; what terrible language to use without proof.

Think about those documents too. Kosovans had their paperwork, passports, marriage certificates, and birth certificates burnt in front of them in the Kosovo conflict. They even took the number plates from their cars. The whole idea is to make them a non-person, is that what the home secretary wants to do?

Then think about the constant inflammatory use of the cost to the poor UK taxpayers—millions in hotel charges. However, if you allowed the people here claiming asylum to work and pay tax, just the ones here now would generate half a billion pounds for the government tax take. You could continue to process their asylum claim, which is probably easier. Then you could make such people responsible for their accommodation, as they are earning  saving the exchequer a further half a billion pounds while filling those one million plus work vacancies in the meantime. One billion pounds In sounds like a good idea.

In the meantime, word inspires attacks on residential places where refugees are housed. Why wouldn't you attach them? After all, they are illegal rapists and criminals; top politicians told us so.

And don't you know there are one billion displaced persons in the world, all trying to come to the UK? A bit like the whole of Turkey was about to move here if we didn't Brexit!

Refugees fit the bill so well. The big issue is that that would take away falsely created enemies, i.e. those who can least defend themselves. And then how could the government keep us in fear which might mean we might not vote for them to protect us from these terrible catastrophes?


Adrian Hawkes

W. 438 

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