Back to Babylon

It is interesting to look at history and track our political developments. If you look back to the old-world empires, Assyria, and Babylon, it is evident from a law point of view that the ruler, King (or whatever) had absolute power. Not only did he make the law, but they were also the law, and if you like, above the law.

When you move to the next world empire, the Medo Persians, you note that the rulers say things like, “We make the law, but we must also obey the law, and when the law is created, we cannot change it.”

However, now, in the UK, we are in that strange position where those who make the law feel that it is not for “special” people like them but only for the proletariat. So, if you want to do something and the law says you cannot, then, of course, change the law. Or better still, say that the high court's ruling must be wrong because it is not what you want to do, so we will organise things so that the courts - the judiciary no longer have any power over our decisions.

Then again, if we are in that privileged position of making law, and the enforcers of the Law come and advise us to stop what we are doing because we are breaking the Law, we can laugh at them. “Don't you know who we are? Go away. We are the lawmakers.”

And when our judiciary system is an adversarial one (i.e., there is a prosecutor and a defender), either a barrister and or solicitor is used by the people, because that is our system, and they find a defender for themselves, we dismiss that defender as “just too left-wing.” It seems now in modern political parlance that anything of the “left” must be wrong, communist, or even worse. Strange, eh? I wonder if birds could manage with just one right-wing.  

Another thing! it seems now that in the UK, we must only have left-wing lawyers. Or is it that same syndrome whereby if you disagree with what I (the lawmaker) want to do, you must be wrong (by default), and we need to find a way of cutting you out of the equation so we can do what we want to do, right, or wrong, legal, or illegal?

Let's be honest. If we want to party, prorogue parliament, put people on planes to Rwanda, push boats out to sea, promise stuff to another government while I am on holiday, plan to change an international agreement that I have signed and break international law -if I want to do these things and make these laws, anyone who opposes me must be wrong - or at least they must be left-wing.

Again, let us be honest; we want to go back to Babylon, where 'I' am the law and can do just what I want when I want, and leave the law I make for the simple prols.


And if you disagree with me that would be Scandalous!



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