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Books for Sale


This is my newest book which you can order from Amazon.

PERSPECTIVES well they are my views on a variety of subject A to Z . So this is a dip in book, one to leave around and pick up often.

This is my seventh book and I am (I think) quite experienced in life. You might find my stuff helpful, funny, mad or forgetful?

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My first fiction novel – Order Here

A group of climbers is missing in the Tyrolean Mountains. A search and rescue team is dispatched. The mission is soon cancelled, the missing climbers are located, having returned by a different route.

In the knowledge that the climbers are safe, the rescue team heads back down the mountain, en route they discover a body frozen in a slab of ice.

The ice slab is airlifted to a local laboratory and as the ice melts, it quickly becomes clear that this is a discovery of undeniable archaeological significance. And then, to everyone’s amazement, the body gradually warms and is found to have a pulse.

Swiss PhD student Gerhardt Shynder is catapulted from his sedentary university life to take charge of the ancient Roman, Leddicus Palantina. And thus begins an implausible adventure that goes global and changes both their lives beyond recognition.



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In this insightful book Adrian raises the important neglected issue of culture in a thought-provoking way. Culture constantly changes, so must we. A challenging book and, if we allow a broadening of our horizons as we work through it, potentially life-changing! A fantastic and must-use tool for any group wanting to gain an understanding of Culture together.

Ann Clifford
Film Producer/Script Writer



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A quick look around the leadership in the churches he has pioneered is proof that Adrian Hawkes successfully practices what he preaches. Numerous young people effectively reached and many of the leadership team are barely out of their teens.

Concise, challenging and inspiring:

Giving Real Responsibility
The clash of methods
Strong Families
Christian Education

Adrian Hawkes leads several churches in North London and in Europe. He and his team have also pioneered and resourced day nurseries, full time Christian day schools, Youth Opportunity Schemes, Employment Programmes, Sixth from Colleges, and single person’s housing.

“Adrian Hawkes, is a man who has been used by God from his youth, and since that time has consistently demonstrated a heart to see young people flourish in that Kingdom.”-Jeff Lucas

“I recommend this book to you, you may agree or disagree . but you will hear his heart, then hopefully you will find your own personal vision expanding.”-Ishmael



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Our problem is that sometimes we cannot hear properly; and sometimes for all sorts of reasons we fail to understand. A bit like a child who develops communication and they grow and mature in communication skills. It is not immediate; and actually we continue to develop interpersonal communications for the whole of our lives. Many of us could enjoy the same experience (journey) in our communications with God.

“It’s interesting that as we get older we cut out certain frequencies. Sometimes our ears are just not attuned, or sometimes it’s because of distraction, like when I pull up in my car and start talking to my next door neighbour and sub-consciously disregard the regular bell-like pulse of my alarm that tells me the fact that I’ve left my lights on to my peril. Perhaps the alarm is ringing and this book will help you to hear it.”-Dave Bilbrough, International worship leader and songwriter


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This third edition of Leadership and… means there are around 12,000 of them already around and hopefully being read.

There are many things that I could add if I rewrote it – that would be a new book.

The first encouraging thing about this book is the many different training courses which use it as a text book. The reprint will help those who still try to order it for courses that they are running.

The second thing is the many young people who say “I have read your book” to which I reply – “Thank you!” “No” they say “you don’t understand, it’s the only book I have read all the way through!” Just because it’s short does not make what I say about leadership unimportant, to quote another reader, “It gives you lots that you have to continue to unpack yourself and think around”.

Well I know it’s short, but it gives the most important principal of leadership, SERVANT LEADERSHIP!



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By analysing Jacob’s story this book looks at our current culture, especially urban living and the reasons for the good and bad points of how we live today. It doesn’t just state the facts but looks at ways of tackling culture to bring out more of the good, turning round what affects us, and finds out how we can affect ‘it’ in return.

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