For many years I have been puzzled as to why people think high profile public personalities will be different at home than in the workplace. So, I hear things like, “Oh yes, he lies to his family, but that is different. They will be an excellent public officer, MP, Prime ministers, Director etc..”

I have had people say to me, “We need so and so to come and clean for us.” My answer has been, “But their house is so dirty!” “Ah yes”, comes the reply, “but they will do an excellent job for us.” Why do people think like that?

So, a particular person is unfaithful and lies to his wife and family … but that is their private life? Now we are referring to their public workaday life, and this, and they are different. Really? Why do we think any human being can compartmentalise life that way?  They are a single human being, not two characters. It happens to me in the current workaday world. People say “so and so has had a difficult time at home, but that is their private life now they are at work.”

Do you not think that home will not affect your performance at the workplace? Of course, It does. I can usually tell with my fellow workers when things are challenging outside of the office. Why? because it impinges on their work performance and attitude.

A particular PM was unfaithful to his erstwhile wives. I am sure he had to tell lies to cover his activities before the infidelities were made public. However, never mind, we are only interested in his public life. Of course, in time, it seems he has been telling lies to his work partners also, as well as the country at large. What a surprise?

Oh, and I wonder whether he and/or others told us lies about Brexit.

W. 324

8thJuly 2022


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