I am tired of hearing, seeing reading about how awful these left-wing socialists are. I guess I should acknowledge that a lot of it comes from the Right Wing Press.

I began to think about some of these terrible people. Particularly those who have been leaders of parties in the UK and now no longer are. It would be better to assess people's actions rather than just what they say.

So thinking about those people, I wondered what they did after their leadership stint. Well, now Margaret Thatcher, reportedly after her stint, went off to do public speaking, and it was reported that she was earning £1,000 per minute. What about those who followed her? How are they doing? I heard that Gorden Brown had to spend his Christmas day assembling bunk beds for refugees as no one else was around to do it that day. I hear that the terrible left-winger Jeremy Corban was as often down at the food bank helping out as often as possible. Not sure about many of the others, but don't you think it is worth asking the question?

Then I began to think about where I stand. What do I feel about Equality? I would like to see more of it. I must be a left winger.

I respect all nationalities and do not think I am better than everyone else because I was born in the UK. Oh dear, I must be a socialist.

Giving a significant tax break to the rich and making sure that the poor pay an outstanding share by reducing their income is terrible; I must be a socialist.

Trickel down is not something I believe in so bad; I must be left-wing. I  did hear someone say that he knew it worked; he was sure. Being so upset when seeing a homeless person driving straight to the nearest expensive estate, finding the best house on the Road and putting £10.00 through the letterbox, he was sure that it would soon trickle down to that poor homeless person.

I guess the story told by Jesus of the Rich man and the poor man (Luke 16: 19 to 26) must undoubtedly be a story of trickle-down economics. Then there is that other story about the man who had a visitor. Rather than taking a sheep from his large flock, he went around and took a sheep from the man who only had one so that he could entertain his visitor. Was he a good example of a rich person's tax system? (Second Samual 12: 1 to 5) At this point, I should quote Jim Wallis in his book Gods Politics; he said governments should remember that a budget is a moral document.

Nationalisation is a big one, but why should we create a competitive market in water, energy and the like? Is that cost-effective, and does it benefit the user, i.e.that, is all of us?

By the way, does this opinion of evil left-wing socialists have anything to do with the media? How much of that media is owned by right-wing people? How much are they persuading us that my opinions are so evil?

So what else makes for a terrible socialist? I want Equality of pay, whatever gender, definitely Equality for women. Such things must undoubtedly come from those terrible evil left-wing socialists.


w. 564

Adrian Hawkes.

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