PCC EVENT – Almost out of Lockdown 07/21

Phoenix Community Care has for many years sponsored and created social events. These events have been for its staff, Foster Carers, those cared for, our Unaccompanied Minors, and the team supporting them.

During 2020, because of CV19, almost all that we have done has had to be online, although we have continued to have face-to-face meetings with our UAMs (Unaccompanied minors) as language is often an issue, and if one has a government form to complete, extremely hard to help with that online.  On top of that, if the boiler breaks down, one cannot fix it remotely. We have tried to protect our staff as well as we could with protective equipment, and we have only recorded one mild case amongst our young people during the whole period.

We have all missed that personal interaction with every one of our placed people. Staff and friends of PCC organised this “Almost Out of Lockdown” event in July.  Hiring school grounds in London, with football facilities, bouncy castles, boxed food etc.  A big thanks to Sunny and Talitha (one of our Foster Carers), who put in all the nuts and bolts to make this a successful day.

The Weather was kind. The food was great. The music was loud. The conversations and catchups were too numerous to count. The younger children bounced. The older children had catchups and made new friends. The UAM’s soccer team took great delight in beating the PCC staff team at football, for which they received actual medals.

All in all, some eighty-plus people came for the day. Thank you for all the positive comments about our time together. We are looking forward to the next year-end event.





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