Let me say right from the start that freedom of speech is a crucial aspect of living in a democracy.

I also am sure that freedom of speech should be limited to freedom that does not incite violence against others.

On the other side of this discussion is the whole issue of the cry that, “the left is doing this”, i.e., limiting freedom of speech. Wherever that is proposed and whoever may be doing the proposing, I am opposed to it. I have to say, however, that it does feel to me that in some regions of our public life, I am not allowed to disagree.  It has almost come to the point where, not only must I agree in my speech with things that I inwardly really disagree with, but I am pressed to think “correctly” and differently in my head.  Who said George Orwell’s Thought Police was a work of fiction?

However, the left is evil and always are the people pulling the whole world down by proclaiming socialist values like Health care, suitable housing, equality in the workplace and respect for the individual. In contrast, the right is so right it would never do such things. It supports freedom of speech.  Really?

Maybe the honest answer is that it is just using a cleverer approach to suppress such freedom. Perhaps the big lie works better and is less transparent. Perhaps if we use personal emails that cannot be checked, freedoms of information can be circumvented.

Then, if we have greater control of the press, what is reported can look like freedom of speech, but it is platforming of a different order in reality.

Listening to recent news discussions on certain politicians who others are accusing of lying is that platforming of a different order, the defending politician with regards to such accusations responded by saying, no, this is not lying its: wishful thinking, it is an exaggeration, it is hope, it is what people want to hear, and lots of other words but of course not of it is a lie, and none of it is closing down real freedom of thought and speech.

Isn't it the fact that both ends of the spectrum are keen to close down any thinking and definitely one of speech that contradicts the current line that is being pushed, usually in the interest of one segment of society whose plan is to push said agenda above all else, no matter what anyone else thinks or wished to say?  In other words, you shall not discuss; you must only agree. And in deciding, you must not only speak as we would have you too, but you must think correctly too, and the thought police will be watching. We will platform you either by not allowing you to speak or by clever, subversive actions that present you being heard anyway. I am against both methods, how about you.


Adrian Hawkes

W. 491

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