Culture Clash

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One thing does not change God and kingdom values. There are things in our cultures that do not correspond to that. There are some parts of our culture that we have to let go of, some we can hold onto, things handed down to us, need to be re-evaluated. Thank you Adrian for helping me to learn to cherish things from my culture that God wants to redeem.

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Jenny Sinnadurai. Sri Lanka. Church leader And Church Planter In this insightful book Adrian raises the important neglected issue of culture in a thought-provoking way. Culture constantly changes, so must we. A challenging book and, if we allow a broadening of our horizons as we work through it, potentially life-changing! A fantastic and must-use tool for any group wanting to gain an understanding of Culture together. Ann Clifford Film Producer/Script Writer United Kingdom Each community faces different challenges. We could end up duplicating and without the spirit of God, that’s death. Culture may stop us from experiencing all that God has for us. We load ourselves with transmitted patterns in thinking and action which makes us artificial products. If you are alive, change is inevitable.

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