Babylon One

There are those that I call ‘the alternative’ and they can be a nuisance to Empire because they have a different value system, and an allegiance to a different Kingdom. Yet they have no choice but to live in the Empire, but they need to see and understand the demands, values, and power that the Empire seeks to exert. So, let us look at Empire.


·         It demands conformity.

·         It has a materialistic value system.

·         Does not tolerate other powers.

·         Dominant language.

·         If conformity is not achieved, then it becomes aggressive.

·         It takes hold of Religion and uses it for control purposes.

·         Production is more important than human need.

·         Is Arrogant.

·         Is abusive.

·         Is Self-indulgent.

·         Is proud.

·         Is boastful.

·         Is without mercy.

·         It devours smaller powers.

·         Empire demands that it must be accommodated.

·         Empire seeks to have an ideological grip on all.

·         Empire taxes.

·         Empire Exploits.

·         Empire requires conformity.

·         Empire is strong on posturing.

·         Empire makes grandiose claims.

·         Empire seeks grandiose projects.

·         Empire’s fraudulent claims are kept alive only by propaganda.

·         Empire makes theological claims.

·         Empire exploits the oppressed.

·         Empire transfers wealth from the many to the few.

·         Who is it that passively accommodates the Empire?

·         Empire puts God in second place to use for its ends.

·         Many, perhaps the majority, want to always return to Empire rather than an alternative, after all, Empire has an adequate supply of Cucumbers, Leeks and Onions.

·         Empire always seeks to project the fact that it is GREAT.

·         Empire always seems to have one superior ethnic group.

It makes us think, I hope, and ask what and where we should be to be “alternative “and how difficult might that be. We need to also ask; “Have we been ‘taken in’ by Empire?”

*With thanks to Walter Brueggemann, and his Babylon.

Adrian Hawkes

W. 303

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