Let Me Clarify

I feel I need to state what I believe to be the whole problem with the points-based system and Illegal immigration.
Reasons why I have a problem:
  1. Such a system is totally selfish.  It really does not take account of the needs of those who are wanting to come. A points-based system does not take account of the jobs and posts that need to be filled, which are usually not at the levels of income that is being offered by those who live within a silver spoon lifestyle assuming theirs is the average pay.
  2. The usual cry that I hear from such a post as this is: “Are you going to allow everyone to come to the UK?”  This is such an argument of straw.  I feel it is really a waste of space replying. However, the current 70 million people displaced via war, famine, and mismanagement of their governments are not all trying to come to, or want to come to the UK. Why are we behaving as if they did? Why are we even having such a discussion? [caption id="attachment_1790" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Banksy's rescue yacht[/caption]
  3.  Along with this argument goes the thought, “But they are illegal!” Doh! Unfortunately for me, I have this debate with Insurance Brokers who tell me that they cannot insure certain places that house refugees.“Why not?” I ask. “Because you know that they are illegal.” “Yes, I know that they are refugees,” I respond. “ …and refugees are illegal,” they say. “Really!” I say with a higher-pitched tone of voice.  “Do you know what a refugee is?” I ask frustratingly. “Of course, we do!” they say. “You know that too!”“OK then! Let me put the record straight once and for all. Refugees are NOT illegal!”
  4.  Another issue about these disagreements is that most of the people I hear have got their figures wrong as to how many are here in the UK, how many come to Britain and how many leave the country! Even the government can’t get that figure right.  Surely it is not rocket science to computerise and be able to check people into the county and out of the country?
  5. Usually, alongside the wrong numbers, goes the line that the UK is taking more than any other country. I will not bother to put the correct figures here, but just to say that it is total nonsense.
  6.  If we really wanted to do something about these terrible 7 million displaced people, running from danger, running from starvation or running from terrible unimaginable situations; we could do so. However, that would take political will and a forceful, “We want to”! Unfortunately, we would rather spout about how “hard done” we are as a nation and what jobs we are losing. And we must not forget that our wages are going down and our schools are too full.  Most of these assumptions are incorrect. It would take working with the EU to do it.  However, certainly, it could be done. All that is required is the will and the care to do it.
  7.  As I said in the UN, “We can do these things, but we will need to get our hands dirty. And we do not want to do that.”
 At least I got some of these issues discussed in the House of Lords. However, talk still does not get it done. One has to do it.
Adrian Hawkes
www Blogspot.co.uk

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