Thought Police

Thought Police
Today I want to rant.
I want to rant about those people who want to stop me thinking or restrict my freedom of speech. I want to rant about those who want me to think just like  they do. I want to rant about those who want me to  totally agree with them  and if I don’t then in their opinion I had better  keep my my values and beliefs to myself.
Netlog lit the fuse to my rant.  I have a blog on Netlog; they have removed two of my blogs.  Their reason? They do not allow people to talk about religion on the blog.  As it happens, I hate religion and I don’t want to talk about it.  What I do want to talk about is values and beliefs and relationships.  Two of the Blogs they took down where about relationships.   So much other junk is allowed, but I am not allowed to complain about that am I?
I am greatly disturbed that in many countries people are prevented from speaking about their beliefs and values. And when they do speak out in disagreement, they must be killed, as happened recently in Pakistan; government ministers who spoke out in opposition were executed.
Do those who want to kill people for their beliefs have such weak beliefs themselves?  I don’t get it.   I have friends in various countries that have been imprisoned just because of their beliefs.  One friend used my home as a safe house after fleeing his own country; he and his family narrowly escaped death, they were shot at because of their beliefs. 
Are people so insecure about their belief systems that the only way to hold on to them is to block out any other viewpoint; to imprison or kill those who differ. I make no apology for my rant; this thought police attitude is pandemic and is going global.
Why do gods need defending?   I get upset if you insult the God I worship, love, and serve. But it would never cross my mind to kill you if you disagree with me, or lock you up because you have a different point of view.  Do I even think that I have to defend God? That would be ridiculous!  Any god that needs defending by a mere human is no god at all.  Yet this is the attitude that is rife in some religions; and I include the religion of atheism. I have emails from very learned atheists (who take the trouble to put their university qualifications at the bottom) in which they tell me that if they had the power they would silence me from spreading my views about a God who doesn’t exist, and in their opinion had no part in my existence or any creative involvement with the world.   They know these things because they have explored every corner of the cosmos.  There is no God.
Even pressure from the UK government makes me want to rant; they are currently stating to schools.  There is no God, and if there is a God he certainly had no involvement with any kind of creation, this is implied by their stance. 
Are we are sure God does not exist? Are we sure that he played no part in creation? The opposing arguments are so strong that anyone with these beliefs are ridiculed and gradually will be silenced. The default position is rapidly becoming, “We will not allow you to speak such things!  Our arguments are so good and so strong and so right that you must not be allowed to have a voice!”
Adrian Hawkes
Blog 12th April 2011
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