Sri Lanka School Report By Cicley

SRI LANKA REPORT: by Cicely-Lisa
The school here is going very well at present we have 84 students, and 9 members of staff. The majority of whom speak a good level of English and are passionate about serving the young people. The school at present has 4 classes with ages ranging from 5-14yrs old. Next year we will have about 104 students. It is amazing just how much the school has grown God has really blessed us in this area. We have a good reputation in the local area what sets us apart from the rest. Interestingly people have even moved from other areas just to put their children in our school.
Staff wise and where you might be able to help us, we, (Paalam Project) are looking for staff who have a good knowledge of English grammar as well as spoken English. We need people around who speak good English We are advertising locally in mainly Christian magazines. please pray that God brings along the right people.
One of our aims for next year is to build on land next door which we already own, as by September 2008 we will have outgrown our building.
Paalam Project is also looking for more people from abroad to come and invest a bit of time here into what is happening. Next year we have, Tony Carla Mayer and their three children coming for 3mths to work in the school which well be great. Then we may have a coupled called Paul and Lynne Day, they are coming out here for an indefinite period of time. Then there is a young lady who will be here for a year and again helping us in the school. Please pray that God has His way in all of this things and that we get people out here who know their calling from God.
Personally this has been a real time of growth for me. I feel as though the first few years I was just a kid learning how to be. Now I have allowed God to show me things which has opened my mind to the BIGGER picture. I think a lot of the time I was thinking about what I want and the vision that I have rather then looking and seeing what God has been using me for. Also I have had to apologise to God for thinking and speaking negatively about Sri Lanka. It is an amazing place with some amazing people and God has really got his hand on this place. Now I can see that I am a small part in the vastness of what God is doing. I know that God has really blessed me in being here and that I need to be here; more than I am needed here. God is really raising up the young people in this country making them available to His call. I can see now that my small part in the school is to help these young people realise that God wants them; as they will change the course of this nation for the glory of God.
Recently I have been thinking what would I do if I was told not to come back here, I know it would break my heart as I really love these children, but I also know I need to be obedient to God.
Please pray for Sri Lanka that God brings peace and unity to this land and stops the innocent bloodshed.

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