Standing Up Inside

Funny to see recently on Facebook the fact that Richard Dawkins is wondering if we need Christianity as it is not blowing people up or saying that those that do not believe should be killed.? Maybe he needs to take an even deeper look.
What really puzzles me is why people think that a forced acceptance of something means that I or anyone else has really accepted that premise, belief, and thought.  What a silly idea.
It also puzzles me that people think that if you are not allowed to speak something different to their point of view or their perspective; they must be right?
Yet this is our world where people have views that I don’t agree with. lifestyles that I think are wrong, attitudes that I think that if followed by lots of people will lead to their destruction and sometimes the destruction of lots of others too! However, I am not allowed to say opposite to what is the P.C. position and my view must not be heard? Now does that mean that the argument, position and lifestyle of the others is so wrong that they cannot bear to hear anything opposite to what they have chosen right or wrong?
I joined a political party once so I could just to go along to the meetings and understand how they thought and how it worked.  I tried to sit at the back and keep quite.  One day they announced that they had made a terrible mistake and they had invited someone to speak to the meeting; they discovered he was a member of another party. They said obviously they could not listen to him.  I being very naïve asked questions, “Why are you afraid to listen to another point of view or perspective? Is our own position, argument and perspective so weak that we cannot possibly listen to someone we might disagree with?"  He is not from our party was the answer! I replied "yes but does that mean we cannot hear what he has to say?"  The answer again, “you don’t understand, he is not a member of our party and so he will say things that we don’t agree with so we can’t hear that”?  I gave up....
So we live in a world where people are being killed because they disagree. So this year in Brunei, BruneiSomalia and Tajikistan they have all banned Christmas celebrations as it might damage the thinking of the rest of the population; apparently it was because of fear that people would be led astray. I wonder how weak the thinking of those people is? 
I remember one of those stories, apparently a little boy would not sit down at the meal table, he was only small and insisted on standing to eat. I think his opinion was that the food went down better that way.  His Father got really upset and kept trying to make him sit down remonstrating with him with many words.  The little boy refused and in the end the Father got fed up with discussion and arguments. He put his hand on the little boys head and pushed the little boy down until he was sitting.  The little boy looked at his Father and recognised that he definitely  was stronger than him, but then he said, “Dad, I know that you have got me sitting down at this table, but I want you to know I am actually standing up inside!"
There is a lot of us around that are actually standing up inside!
W. 642
Edited By Karen Allen

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