Sex and the Robbery that takes place in our Culture

How to write this? It’s not an easy one; realising as I write that to say what I believe to be going on, in terms of robbery, will be both counter cultural and also put the backs up of those who think themselves to be ‘scientifically superior’ to other mortals.
Let  me start by saying that what is being taught educationally, and absorbed without too much question by the general population, perhaps even unknowingly absorbed, helps us to act in such a way that we are robbed.

What am I talking about? Well educationally, there is a strong push that would have us believe that we are ‘just an animal’ and when we take that on board, it becomes ‘normal’ to act like one and therefore robbery number one takes place.  We are robbed of what should really be human sexuality and its richness, and taught to settle for something a lot less valuable, and the robbery does not end there.

Another line that we are sold educationally is that we are all just part of ‘the great machine’ and therefore all sexual acts are really just the machine in process. It makes you wonder why we should take any responsibilities for any action doesn't it.  It is just the brain firing neurons that gives us the reactions; ‘ultimately no meaning’, ‘just part of the machine’, ‘luck’, ‘the accident of nature’, ’somewhat of a bad joke’, or, as they say, just an add-on of the ‘goldilocks  theory’. Again serious robberytakes place if your sexuality is only understood like this, even if you have not thought it through, but are subconsciously acting as if this were the case.

Within our current culture it is a trend to think that sex is fun, (which it is of course), and therefore does not need to be taken seriously. It encourages the belief that ‘if I have lots of one night stands and take precautions then that should be fine’.  Robbery is taking place at this point, and the whole of sexuality has been devalued, you’re robbed.

In saying that it does not take into account all the STDs that are on the increase, and for females, there are even some that do not seem to have very clear symptoms yet could cause infertility and heartache up the road.  Yes we do know that these STDs are there, and if we look we know that they are on the increase in our society, yet are we taking this seriously? The statistics suggest that we are not! Robbed again! This is probably, because we just do not take note.

So are we on the right track? Is sex just an animalistic or mechanical function... one that does not really matter? Or are we, by acting in accordance with our cultural leanings ‘everyone is doing it’, being seriously robbed?

My thesis is this.  Sex is for marriage, and it should be fun! When it takes place outside of marriage, and in terms of the mechanical or animalistic ‘fun’ approach for a night out then all sorts of other things are taking place. Never mind the risk of STDs (according to the statistics which I quote below).  What happens is quite strange.  First of all there is the creation of what I call ‘brain DVD’s’ which have the power to impinge on future sexual relationships; often detrimentally.

Then there is the real robbery, or what I call the terrible devaluation of sexual relationships.  Sex, you see, is much, much more than a physical act.  Interestingly, Biblical scripture likens the act to the relationship that is created between Christ and the Church, and pushes it up to this high level. In another part of scripture it talks about our physical bodies being linked into Christ. Why would we then like to link that to a prostitute, male or female?

1 Corinthians 6:15
Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ himself? Shall I then take the members of Christ and unite them with a prostitute? Never!

 I hope that what you can see is that the level of sexual relationships is being ratcheted up.   It’s not simply a physical act, it’s not simply a mechanical act, and it’s not simply an animalistic act.  Within the act is a high level mystery, it has eternal symmetry, and it has clever typology built into it. There is spirituality here that, when sex is treated lightly robbery is taking place. Is it possible is that sex has a soul element to it?

My observation is that when used correctly, lovingly and of course with imagination and fun, sex in permanent, committed relationships has the ability to draw a couple together in stronger bonds of understanding and development. It goes beyond the physical act to a soul connection which can be much more satisfying and exciting. When used wrongly, I note that what frequently happens is that this act causes division, and often hatred in those who use it that way.  Robbed!

So I am probably not being very culturally correct or even politically correct, but what do you think, is robbery taking place? Are you being robbed?  If so, there is a better protection. There is a better way of believing, there is a better value system, and there is a better way.


*1. Goldilocks Theory of the Universe.
The Goldilocks principle states that something must fall within certain margins, as opposed to reaching extremes. When the effects of the principle are observed, it is known as the Goldilocks effect.

The thesis is this: the Universe as we know it shows a multitude of features that makes it ideal for life. As such is  mentioned the structure of atoms and molecules; the force of gravity, which is neither too great nor too small; the quantities of vital elements like oxygen and carbon, which are found in exactly the right amounts; the ready combination of oxygen and hydrogen to make water with its unique properties, and several others. It looks, almost as if the Universe had been especially designed for life. At this point there should be an interruption to ask if that was not then the logical assumption to make. Perhaps it had indeed been designed? The reply from the clever scientists though is: “Ah, no,” “You cannot allow the idea of a Designer into your thinking, because that is unscientific. Also, it merely moves the problem of the Universe back a stage. After all, who designed the Designer?”

*2 STD statistics from Avert
. Over the past decade there has been a substantial increase in diagnoses of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the UK, particularly among young people. Since 1999 the number of annual cases of chlamydia has more than doubled. In 2008 there were 123,018 new diagnoses of chlamydia in GUM (genitourinary medicine) clinics – a record number. Chlamydia can have serious side effects, one of which is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), which can lead to infertility in women. Chlamydia can have no symptoms and therefore many people do not come forward for testing, even though the infection can be easily diagnosed and effectively treated. Cases of gonorrhea rose steadily from 1999 the number of diagnoses of syphilis has risen substantially in the past decade in the UK. In 2008 there were 11 times the number of primary and secondary diagnoses in GUM clinics, than 1999. This rise has been attributed to a number of local outbreaks, the largest of which was in London between 2001 and 2004.10 During 2008, 7,220 people were diagnosed with HIV in the UK.11 Although this represents a decline from the previous three years, the number of new diagnoses has more than doubled since 1999. Between 2005 and 2006 the largest increases in new diagnoses of genital herpes were among men aged 35-44 (15%) and 45-64 (18%) and among women aged 16-19 (16%) and 20-24 (11%).7 London had the highest rates of diagnoses per 100,000 population, followed by the North West, and Yorkshire and the Humber. In 2008 a record number of people (28,957) were diagnosed with genital herpes in GUM clinics in the UK.8 Just over 60 percent of these diagnoses were among women. Source:

Adrian Hawkes
w. 1386
Edited by: Robyn 09/12/13

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