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22A, 1st Lane, Palliyawatta, Hendala, Wattala, Sri Lanka. Tel: (011) 2946444
Paalam International School is registered under Paalam School (Guarantee) Limited GL 2056
Paalam International School – Building Project
Paalam International School was opened in September 2003 with the purpose of providing children from underprivileged families from the Wattala district with an opportunity to study.
Many children in this area do not attend school. They are instead sent out to work so as to help their families to meet the needs of day to day living. Most of the children’s parents are in the very low income earning bracket. Some children’s parents are drug addicts or alcoholics so spend all their income on their habits leaving the families with little finance to live off. In the school we are not only looking at the children’s educational needs but we are also overseeing many children with food assistance, medical care, provision of uniforms and shoes, transport, and social assistance. The Paalam Project has also built new housing for five of the children’s families who were previously living in shacks made from cardboard boxes, plastic and anything that they could find to provide shelter.
The school has a total of 145 children ranging from the ages of 5 – 17years. Twenty five of these children are fully sponsored into the school. We currently have 14 full time teachers all of whom were previously unemployed.
For the past six years the Paalam International School has been using the New Living Flame church building to operate the school in. The school has grown so big that we no longer have enough places for any further classrooms.
The Project and church owns some land adjoining the Wattala site and we are now desperately seeking help to build a new school building. Applications to various organisations for grants to assist with the building work have so far been unsuccessful due to the past war situation in Sri Lanka. However the war has now ceased giving us a great opportunity to construct the much needed school building. Without building a new building we remain very restricted in how many children we can take into the school and with the activities that we can provide for them.
Paalam International School
2007 /2008 Classes
Paalam International School
2008/2009 Classes
22A, 1st Lane, Palliyawatta, Hendala, Wattala, Sri Lanka. Tel: (011) 2946444
Paalam International School is registered under Paalam School (Guarantee) Limited GL 2056
We are presently working on an architectural drawing with a local architect and once this is completed will be seeking a quotation from local contractors.
The new building will be three stories high and provide us with a further 6 classrooms, space for a library, computer room, store rooms and a medical room. We estimate that this new building will cost approximately £99,000.
If you or your organisation would be willing to assist us to construct this new school building which would help the lives of many young children and provide them with an opportunity to change their future and the future of their families please do contact us. We would greatly value all contributions towards the Paalam International School building Project.
We are seeking 100 Business people to Donate £1,000 each!
This will enable the Paalam Project to raise £100,000 to
Build the new school building!
Picture Rainbow class Paalam International School

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