Leadership and…

This third edition of Leadership and… means there are around 12,000 of them already around and hopefully being read.

There are many things that I could add if I rewrote it – that would be a new book.

The first encouraging thing about this book is the many different training courses which use it as a text book. The reprint will help those who still try to order it for courses that they are running.

The second thing is the many young people who say “I have read your book” to which I reply – “Thank you!” “No” they say “you don’t understand, it’s the only book I have read all the way through!” Just because it’s short does not make what I say about leadership unimportant, to quote another reader, “It gives you lots that you have to continue to unpack yourself and think around”.

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Well I know it’s short, but it gives the most important principal of leadership, SERVANT LEADERSHIP!

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