So, the biggest group of immigrants to the UK turns out to be students. They could be paying up to £48000 per annum to be here. Are these the “illegals” the government is talking about.  The Second Largest group, I have noticed that whenever the government minister for immigration is doing an interview on, whatever channel, the title comes up as “Illegal immigration minister”. I hear the PM is considering two ministers, one of whom is the above, and the other as the, “legal immigration minister”. Certainly, now, one can easily get the impression that all immigration is illegal.  As I have said, the biggest group of immigrants are students paying lots of money to be in the UK.  Statistics show that the second largest group of immigrants are workers in the NHS, presumably all paying taxes. I wonder if they are illegal immigrants. The third largest group of immigrants to the UK are those working in the Care Sector.  Again I guess that they must be paying tax. Even though they now are not allowed to bring their family to the UK. Recently I have seen this kind of operation in other countries where the lucky immigrant gets to see his or her partner every two years for about two weeks.  Great. Again I have to ask : Is this, the third largest group of immigrants to the UK, illegal? The final group of immigrants to the UK, in fact the smallest group, are those arriving in small boats. That group represents less than 3% of the total immigration numbers.  Yet one would have to wonder why it is that this seems to be the most talked about group.  Of course they don’t all come in small boats.  I have personally been present and watched police stop a lorry which when opened revealed mothers and babies, young children, and lots of other desperate despondent people, unloaded, and sitting on garden walls alongside the pavement. It has been mentioned on FB that I use the exceptional person as a demonstration. Of course, what the writer of that comment does not know is that I have met hundreds of such people.  And, been to the hotels where the state dumps them. Why is it that we hear so much about such people?  Maybe because it covers other bad news that the government does not want us to talk about. The ‘Friday news dumb. Or as the advisor to the transport minster put it : “The now infamous phrase stems from a memo from an adviser to the then-UK transport secretary Stephen Byers, who coined the term in an internal memo, written on 9/11/ 2001, saying it was, “a good day to bury bad news”.) Maybe government highlights this small minority of people that deflects from us discussing all the wasted money on PPE. Billions given to their friends, that then did not work. Better talk about this, “less than 3%:” problem than talk about those friend’s and billions of wasted taxpayers’ money. But back to this less than 3%. What happens is that that when they arrive, boat, lorry, or plane they  then apply for asylum.  They are then given ‘legal’ papers to stay, until their case is assessed, to see if they genuinely are an “asylum seeker”. Yes, I know that that is where the problem lies, as I have friends that have waited 14 years for their claim for asylum to be properly listened to.  Fortunately, now they are British Passport holders. So my question again, as they have now applied for asylum, even if they did not have any papers, arriving here in a strange way, but now they have legal papers to stay, while they await a hearing – are they now illegal immigrants.  Of course, you know my answer. But if they are now legal, whilst they await a hearing, where are these illegal immigrants? Adrian Hawkes 17th March 2024 W. 665

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