Hello! Is that you God?

Our problem is that sometimes we cannot hear properly; and sometimes for all sorts of reasons we fail to understand. A bit like a child who develops communication and they grow and mature in communication skills. It is not immediate; and actually we continue to develop interpersonal communications for the whole of our lives. Many of us could enjoy the same experience (journey) in our communications with God.

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“It’s interesting that as we get older we cut out certain frequencies. Sometimes our ears are just not attuned, or sometimes it’s because of distraction, like when I pull up in my car and start talking to my next door neighbour and sub-consciously disregard the regular bell-like pulse of my alarm that tells me the fact that I’ve left my lights on to my peril. Perhaps the alarm is ringing and this book will help you to hear it.”-Dave Bilbrough, International worship leader and songwriter

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