Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You
Prayer 8 UCB 
Prayer 8
3 Min script
My editor tells me that she likes these talks on prayer because I am not giving a 10 point formula for you to follow to get your prayers answered.  As I’ve said before, prayer is a conversation that we have with God, of both light and serious issues, and the ability to have that conversation develops as our relationship with God develops.  The fact is that the gospel of good news is about a broken relationship being repaired.  It’s not about following a religion, it’s about getting to know a person, Jesus, it’s about a restored relationship with God, father, son and Holy Spirit because of what Jesus has done.
As with any relationship, you can’t treat your relationship with God like a slot machine, you put in a coin and out pops a chocolate bar, you put in a prayer in the right way and hey presto, the answer appears.  It isn’t like that; there isn’t a set of rules or a formula.  Can you imagine a married couple working out their relationship like that – the formula is I have to tell you I love you three times a day because that’s what the manual says.  That would be a terrible relationship on the way to a rapid breakdown.  Relationships don’t work like that, and deep down, you already know that.  Relationships are fluid, they develop and they grow, especially where love is involved and the God we want to have a relationship with is a God of love, and loves us passionately, so that’s a great foundation for building a good relationship, and as we get to know God, our love for him will grow.
I have been married for forty years, and yet my wife Pauline still says she is getting to know me and that I still have to ability to surprise her both by my actions and my words.   That’s what’s so special about relationships; they can go on developing and developing.
In a strong loving relationship, sharing with each other is ongoing and on many levels. Gradually, you understand each other, it takes time but it doesn’t feel like a chore because you are developing a relationship with someone you love.  Over time you even know how each other thinks.  It’s just like that with God, as you talk to him, learn about him and get to know him better, you find that you want to share even more with him, to talk to him more, to hear from him more.  A formula is the last thing on your mind; you just want to talk to your friend.
And have you noticed that in loving relationships people have lovers’ names for each other, names that only they understand.  From my reading of Revelation 2:17, it seems that one day God will give you a name that is only known to you and him. I like to think this name is his deeply intimate lovers name for you, one of those names that only work between two people who are very close.
Yes I know these talks are about prayer, but my goal is to switch on the light of understanding to help you realise that prayer is simply on ongoing conversation with God, it’s all about developing your relationship with him, sharing every detail of your life with him. Asking him ‘What shall I do?’ ‘What do you want me to do?’  Gradually as you get to know him better, you will find that you are thinking like him, you are doing the things that please him willingly because you want to please him.  Eventually what you want to do will be what he wants you to do because you have spent so much time with him and that he has affected your thinking and your actions and your desires. You will find that the communication flows, you are in unity, you want the same things, you think the same things, and he really does know your name and you know him and it’s personal and intimate.
Getting to know a friend is not chore, and having conversations with God will not feel like that either.  Here’s something to think about as I leave you, what is your name? And what does God call you?

Adrian Hawkes
3 min Script on prayer for UCB
Editor : A Brookes

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1 Response

  1. adrian2526 says:

    I like what you had to say. I agree there is not a direct path that if you do this, this and this your prayers will be answered. We can not see the big picture. A song we use to sing kinda says it all. "We'll understand it better by and by.". I believe as we draw closer to the lord we have a greater desire to please him. Just as we do with our relationships here. By the way I wrote here because I couldn't figure out how to respond on you blog. I am new to this always afraid of pushing wrong button.