8. Morality and Values – What do we put into our Brains?

We talked last time about the fact that it is our thinking that changes us, or should I say can change us.  If we are to change, then what we think about is the key to that change. We have to think differently to what we are thinking in the present for change to take place.
So, if we can change by changing our thinking, the big question is: What do we put into our head? What do we think about?  The computer people have a phrase, when working with computer programmes. They call it GIGO. Actually it’s an American derivative. It stands for “Garbage In Garbage Out”.  Of course, we wouldn’t use “Garbage” as a word in the UK would we? But you get the idea. “Rubbish In Rubbish Out” works just as well. But RIRO doesn’t sound as catchy or poetic as GIGO,  does it? 
What they are saying is, that when you put junk information into a computer, you cannot expect to get sensible things out of the computer onto the printer or to the screen - or these days – by means of a computerised voice. If you have put rubbish in then rubbish will come out. Simple!
Now, that is not that different to our brains and our thinking. So what do you put into your brain?
I have always laughed at people who tell me that they are not affected by advertising.  Do you really think the people who make the adverts for us to buy this or that are that stupid that they spend so much money on their thirty second TV advert because they know it will not persuade anyone?  Please!? They are not that stupid! Of course we are affected by what goes into our brains. Be it via TV Computer, poster, hoarding, newspaper or whatever.
I also laugh when the TV people and the film industry claim that what people see on film or hear via music, words or computer games, will not affect us.  How come the advertising affects us and persuades us to act in a certain way but film, words, books, TV does not.  Again: Please!?  
Have you ever watched a group of young children after watching, say a fight movie, be it cartoon, or film? The first thing they do afterwards in the playground is to try all the moves on each other, the punches, the wrestling, the kicking, whatever. Have they not been affected by what they have just seen or heard what has been put into their brains? If you think they have not, then, again, all I can say to you is: Please!?
What goes into our brains, what we think about, what we absorb into our thinking will affect the way we are and what we do.  Running Christian Schools, I am often accused of brain washing children. My answer irritates people, as usually I will answer, “Yes! Of course I am. Most people’s brains need a good wash.”
Going back to those Bible verses I have mentioned before, scripture tells us to think about good things, think about lovely things, and think about things that are helpful to our development and progressesion.  Let me tell you that if you think rubbish, then rubbish will come out of your life. Why are people’s lives in a mess? Well there are other factors such as upbringing and things that have happened on the way. However, if change is to take place, thinking is the first place it will have to happen.
We live in a world where it is almost impossible to avoid negative unhelpful things being put into our brains, be it from newspapers, radio, road side hoardings or whatever. For this reason we have to take time to readjust our thinking, or, as we have noted how the scripture says it; “Put on the mind of Christ”.  As someone once said, “You cannot stop birds from flying around your head, but you can stop them nesting there.” So, take hold of those bad thoughts. Push them out of your head, and think about those good things instead. Activate the change process that God plans for us, that is, to make us into the Image of His only begotten Son.
Adrian Hawkes
Edited By Kirsty de Paor
W. 699

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